Sedi Ali Mfochive is a young Cameroonian painter born in 1995. Self-taught, the artist discovered painting at the age of thirteen. After having made several exhibitions of his works and these then meeting with great success, he abandoned his studies after the ”GCE”. In view of this abandonment; he was kicked out of the family home to devote himself only to abstract art. Many works by the contemporary painter are visible among private collectors in France but also abroad (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Belgium…) The painter produces contemporary works in a unique abstract style with a very spontaneous gesture because he wishes above all to express his emotions on the canvas and thus invites the spectator to feel them in turn, while leaving a beautiful place for escape and imagination.

Metropolitan Art Museum Exhibition from 30-05-2023


DEDICATED PAINTING .the most illustrative and lucrative exhibition is the KETSIA painting. this painting is mainly appreciated by art collectors because the artist speaks of a story of unconditional love experienced by himself.

INTERIOR PAINT.This colorful paint will find its place in any room of your interior. Modern and chic, this canvas representing the portrait of an Indian woman will certainly brighten up your interior by bringing a touch of freshness. Available in several sizes, you will easily find the most suitable format for your interior.


These four statues of African origin have also been a great success with craftsmen collectors because of their history because these works of art were considered in Africa at another time as Gods because the villagers would venerate them.