Baule statuary is one of the styles of African art whose aesthetics have emerged the earliest in the West. When modern artists are discovering Negro art in Paris. it is she who from the French colonies reaches the market most easily and thus integrates their collections. This statue, once belonging to Charles Ratton, is one of those witnesses who contributed to the recognition of Baule art. Appreciated for its “peaceful concentration”, its “introspective reflection”  and for the “classicism” of the criteria of beauty it conveys, Baulé statuary immediately and evidently touched the Western sensibility

Statue of a maternity hospital in Cameroon

It depicts a childbirth scene, which was performed either to ward off bad luck after a difficult childbirth, or for fear of a difficult childbirth in a family that has had problems with difficult childbirth in the past. height: 21cm – width: 22.55cm – length: 42.5cm

statue Igbo Ibo "Agbogho Mmuo" anthropomorphe

Ex Private collection Ethnicity: Igbo

Country of origin: Nigeria Collection area: undetermined Presumed

seniority: undetermined Main

material: weathered wood

Apparent condition: Good Surface appearance:

crackling (see photo) Dimensions (height, width,

thickness): 60 x 16 x 14 cm +/- Weight in grams: 1450 Visible repair: No Restoration-embellishment before sale: None, as collected


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